‘Woodland squirrel’ is a stunning two tone papercut with the smallest of intricate details.


You'll be hooked by the teeny details in the wreath of leaves surrounding the beautifully adorned copper tail of the squirrel. This piece is one that you’ll notice new things about it every time you look at it.


Designed and cut over more than 10 hours using 26 blades, the final design is floated over a lovely woodland flowers piece of fabric, giving it a wonderful textured finish.


In keeping with the natural woodland theme, this cut is framed in a premium handmade in Norfolk solid wood frame. It is of superior quality and adds to the stunning nature of the papercut. The frame will be sent with the fixings to enable to frame to be hung on a wall. It is also sturdy enough to be stood on a shelf.


The overall frame size is 27x27cm.

Woodland squirrel

  • Papercuts must be kept away from heat sources, or over time your papercut may slip within the frame.

    They must also be kept away from damp environments, or you may find the backing paper will ripple within the frame. 

    Papercuts are very delicate and care should be taken when displaying and handling. Please never open a papercut frame as you will run the risk of damaging your piece of art. 

    Returns are not accepted after 6 months due to slippage.